Newcastle music venue chooses Sentinel Check-in contact tracing app

By Jim Preen, Director of Crisis Management at YUDU Sentinel

Header Image by John Matychuck

A promoter at a Newcastle music venue sold tickets for gigs and at the point of sale harvested customer contact details to satisfy the NHS test-and-trace guidelines. Things got a whole lot more complicated when the guidelines became law.

Ian (not his real name) now had to pull together customer contacts or face a potential fine. He quickly realised collecting data at sale wasn’t sufficient as tickets are often re-sold or given away to friends. He had to know exactly who was coming through the doors and record that information in real time.

Being a bit of a techie, he downloaded a beta version of the government NHS contact tracing app to see if this was the solution. The government website claims the app will ‘enable people to scan the unique QR codes of venues they have visited to aid contact tracing and help understand the spread of the virus.’

Initial indications were not promising as he was entirely unable to get the QR code aspect of the app to work.

Fortunately, he found Sentinel Check-in which harvests punters’ data in just 10 seconds, handles NHS contact tracing requests and guarantees all data is encrypted and 100% verified.

If you’re looking for a simple, speedy and secure full-service solution to collect data at your venue then Sentinel Check-in is the app for you.

Find out more about Sentinel Check-in here:

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