Riding the second wave

Jim Preen Crisis Management Director, YUDU Sentinel Header Image by Jeremy Bishop Governments across the world are starting to take some very tricky decisions on easing the Covid-19 lockdown. With this happening will the virus stage a vicious comeback? The UK government talks relentlessly about taking decisions ‘based on the science’. This is one decision... Continue Reading →

Flood resilience: Is Britain out of its depth?

By Emily Byrne, Marketing Executive at YUDU  Header Image by Gemma Smith, Graphic Designer at YUDU Storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge are nature’s reminder of the impending threat posed by climate change. They highlight the need to accommodate for flood resilience in our buildings’ architecture and design and through emergency planning as we as we... Continue Reading →

The medium and the message

By Jim Preen crisis management director at YUDU Sentinel. When Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase the ‘medium is the message’ in the early sixties his point was that a particular medium affects the society in which it’s used and not just because of the content or message it delivers. His contention was that the medium... Continue Reading →

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