Pubs struggle with collecting customer data

By Jim Preen (Crisis management director at YUDU Sentinel) Header Image by Ami Johnson Pubs are struggling with the government request to keep customer records to help the NHS test-and-trace scheme. A Norwich Wetherspoon pub, The Queen of Iceni, has been criticised for not collecting any data from customers at all.  Norwich resident Julia Lester... Continue Reading →

Dump the Crisis Box

Firms do smart things to help them become resilient. They create business continuity plans, cyber playbooks, terror playbooks, they employ mass notification and document sharing technology and then they take all this good stuff and do something really dumb. They put it in a real or metaphorical box marked ‘Crisis Use Only’.

There’s No IT in ‘Team’

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

The iconic catchphrase from The IT Crowd struck a chord with misunderstood IT professionals everywhere, because in so many organisations the role of the IT department is misunderstood. Cyber security is often seen as something for “IT” to worry about, not sales, marketing, HR or any other department. However, in order to have watertight defences (or as close to that as possible), all staff need to be engaged in a data security culture.

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